Guarantee Terms

12-Month guarantee terms and after-sales service for 5 years

Guarantee service can only be provided with a guarantee card.

If, for some reason, it is not possible to repair the machine within a month, a new item will be offered, taking into account the difference in price.

On the screen, a failure of less than 3 pixels does not replace the guarantee.

The cost of sending and receiving the machine to the after sales service offices (Tehran or the city) is the responsibility of the customer.

If the city does not have an after-sales service office, the cost of sending the machine to the head office is the responsibility of the customer and the cost of the repayment is borne by the company.

The company does not have any responsibility for maintaining customer personal information.

Failure to properly operate the device due to network communication problems is not covered by guarantee.

Hardware repairs for unauthorized devices have a 6-month guarantee, provided that the same piece of repair is repaired again.

The maximum repair time for the warranty devices is 7 business days. If it takes more than 7 business days to repair the machine, or a device will be lent to the customer or delayed for one week (after a first week), a month will be added to the warranty period. (Selected by the company).

If suspended due to unpredictable events such as earthquakes, wars, sanctions, and … the provision of post-sales service obligations, it will be equally added to the customer’s warranty.

In case of damage to the customer’s device during the repair process at the after-sales service center, the company is required to eliminate the damage and bring the device to a state of pre-injury.

Substitution terms

If the device has any hardware forms that the user does not play within 24 hours after the sale, it will be replaced.

The faulty device will be replaced during the warranty period if it is not repairable.

If the device can not be changed, the new product will be offered, taking into account the price difference of the day.

Software problems are not subject to switching requirements.

If a device with the same fault is returned three times by the customer to the company, the third time will be replaced with a new device (fault detection is the responsibility of the after sales service experts).

Guarantee void conditions

End of warranty period

The serial number contained on the warranty card or warranty tags is corrupted

Opening or repairing the device by unauthorized persons

Any defect caused by improper use of the device by the user includes:

Impact, moisture, fluid spills on the device and electric shock

Installing Miscellaneous Software, Rooting, and Modifying Without Licensing Operating System Version

Make the wrong settings or viruses

It should be noted that the frame and accessories including a charger, handsfree, memory card, cable and battery do not include warranties.

Any software services that are due to improper use of the user or user’s request will not include warranty.